Million Tabs on Komo Radio!

Columbia Crest E-STEM’s quest for a million tabs hit a milestone with an interview on KOMO News regarding the project! Fifteen minutes of fame certainly helps hit the goal of a million bread tabs, but we’re not even close to there yet. Please start collecting, ask your friends to do the same, and send them in!

Listen to the full interview with Mrs. Johnstone on KOMO!



One response to “Million Tabs on Komo Radio!

  1. Greetings Mrs. Johnstone,
    My name is Hal Miller, Vice President of Sales at Kwik Lok Corporation in Yakima, Washington. The little “tab” you are collecting is the invention of Mr. Floyd Paxton in 1954. The company is still family owned and operates 6 Kwik Lok plants around the world, from North America, Ireland, Australia, to Japan. The Kwik Lok closures you are collecting are used for many art and counting projects in schools around the world. i will be delivering about a half a million closures to your school tomorrow by 3 PM. All of us at Kwik Lok are happy to make this contribution to help you achieve your MILLION goal.


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