The Quest for a Million

A million is a big number.  I think students (and adults) often fail to realize how big.  So, in 2004, I challenged my class to see if they could collect a million bread tabs (little plastic pieces used to close bags for bread, potatoes, vegetables, etc.).  They were sure we could do it.  One students said, “We have a big family and we eat a LOT of bread.”  But my one doubter was closest to right.  He said, “If a loaf of bread costs $3, then that would be $3,000,000.  That’s a lot of money!”  Ten years later, we have 558,000 bread tabs.

What about you?  Could you lift 1,000,000 bread tabs?  They are small and light!  Would 1,000,000 bread tabs fit in your refrigerator?  How long would it take to count 1,000,000 bread tabs?

Help us get to a million!  We need your spare bread tabs!  Send them to:
Columbia Crest A-STEM Academy
24503 SR 706E
Ashford, WA  98304

Thanks a million!  (We hope!)



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